How To White List Sok Sai Email

Sok Sai Gear frequently communicates to its clients of product updates and deals via email. The program ensures that Muay Thai fans and trainees never miss fantastic shopping deals. But sometimes, our clients do not receive these emails which leads to them missing out on the offers. To prevent this, we recommend our clients to whitelist us.

Simply put, whitelisting is adding us to your contact list so that your email client categorises us as a trusted/safe sender. You can use the details provided below depending on the email client you are using to whitelist us.


  • If you use Gmail, open our email then hover over the sender’s name; you will see a pop up of options.

email white list gmail

  • After this, navigate to the “Contact info” then save it to your contact list.

If our email is categorized as promotional, you can drag it to the primary email category. If you do this, you see a dialogue box that asks “Do this for future messages?” Select “Yes” to make sure all our subsequent emails come to your primary mail.


  • Find and open the email in your mailbox
  • Click on the Sok Sai’s email address
  • Find and click on “…” option
  • Add additional information in the field provided if needed.



Apple Mail

  • Open the email in your inbox
  • Proceed to click on the Sok Sai’s email address
  • Finally, click on the “Add Contacts” and like that, you’ve whitelisted us.

Outlook 2003 or higher

  • Access and open the email
  • Right-click on the “Click Here” to download images button found on top of the message
  • Finally, click on “Add sender to Safe Senders List.”

Windows Live Mail

  • First, find and open the mail you receive from us
  • Click on the Sok Sai’s email address
  • Click on the “Add” button
  • Key in additional information in the field provided if necessary.
  • When you are finished, click the “Save” button




  • Navigate to the left toolbar and click “Contacts.”
  • Click on the “New Contact” button
  • Add contact information in the relevant fields
  • Click on the “Add Contact” to save our details


You can also whitelist us by directly adding our contacts to your Android or IOS gadget. iPhone users can select senders email address then choose “Create New Contact.” After editing the details tap done to save. Android users can tap the picture of the sender then tap on the add to contacts icon. Select “Create New Contact” and edit the details in relevant fields. When done, save our contact details.

About the Author Jasmine Georgia