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The Sok Sai Manifesto

One of the most devastating techniques is the left elbow, connect with that and your opponent is cut or out cold.

Muay Thai is simple and clean. 90% of the time fancy moves don't win fights, clean and simple techniques do!  That is where our company name came from and how we feel about what we create.

Our goal is to create high quality, shorts and apparel which you will have for years.   When you wear Sok Sai not only will you look good but you will feel as good as you perform.

We like to keep our designs traditional whilst giving a modern edge

Sok Sai Gear

For all your Muay Thai needs

Why we make the best custom short’s & clothing for you

Why did we set out to make the best custom shorts & apparel for you?  Because we know Muay Thai practitioners need quality gear and fight wear so we set out to make THE best for you.