Interview with Andy Howson on his fight vs Thanit Watthanaya

Andy Howson vs Thanit WatthanayaHow do you feel about your fight with Thanit Watthanaya ‘Boom’ in 2012?

Andy: The fight with Boom in 2012 was on the huge Muay Thai In America show, the show was amazing and crammed with so much talent and top class fighters from across the world, it was an honour to be a part of it. The fight was great and won fight of the year in the USA, it was a back and forth fight which saw Boom drop me in the 2nd with a right hand, just a flash knock down, I got up fine and on steady legs, round 3 I got revenge and dropped boom, landing a left hook to the body followed by an overhand right, Boom made the count and I pushed him for the rest of the round, I dropped him again in the 4th with a big left hook as he was kicking, again really pushed him for the rest of the round and pretty much landing shots at will, I was looking to stop him that round. In the 5th I just had to stay on my feet and see the round out, I acted like a novice and was just hungry for the stoppage and went out pushing forwards instead of just staying tight and playing which would have seen me taking the fight comfortably on points. But like I say kept pushing forward and made a silly mistake and he landed that same right hand he did in the 2nd round, I knew it was the last round and just thought to myself “you’ve got to get up quick” I did and wobbled and the ref waved the fight off with Boom taking a stoppage win in the very last round! It broke my heart, I wanted that win so bad and I had it in the bag, just goes to show you in this game you can’t take risks and make those mistakes at our level.

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What would it mean to win this fight?

Andy: it would mean the world to me, I’m not getting any younger and will be turning 36 just a month after the fight. To add another world title to the collection would be amazing, not to mention the fight is a Black Widow Promotion so will be my first fight in Birmingham since moving down here to run the West Bromwich branch. To rematch Boom for a World title and beat him here in front of my family and friends would make my year.


Do you have any strategies for this fight?

Andy: no strategies for the fight no, just to be smart and not make any mistakes like I did back in 2012.


Has your style changed since your last fight with Boom?

Andy: Not really, I think my style has evolved over the years along with how its scored, when I first started out I used to go all out guns blazing from the first bell to the last, and used to be more hands, but as scoring has changed in the UK to mirror how its scored in Thailand I’ve adapted my style to suit that. I’m now a slower start first 2 rounds and pick things up 3,4 and 5. Although when we fought in the US I know its scored differently and had been on the end of a bad decision against Romie Adanza a few years earlier, so I didn’t really kick as much as I normally would, and Boom was fighting off the back foot more so I was chasing him around. This time it will be scored just as it would be in Thailand so Boom will have to change his fight style and stand and fight more as well. It’s going to be interesting that’s for sure.


Could you see a 3rd fight happening?

Andy: Well as I said earlier I’m not getting any younger, but you never no what can happen. I’ve never avoided anyone nor avoided re-matched so I guess a 3rd fight could happen.


On your recent trip to Thailand why did you change from Jitti Gym to Por Promin?

When I was in Thailand last I wasn’t there to train, I was away for 3-4 months travelling with my girlfriend Kirstie and wasn’t just in Thailand. We had spent time in Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam etc. and whilst I was in Thailand any time we spent in Bangkok we spent staying with Jitti and at the gym everyday, but Kin who owns Por Promin in Hua Hin is a good friend and has trained me in the past here in the UK, I had never visited Hua Hin before so we made plans to go and see Kin and his wife Miriam and stay at the gym and they really looked after us. Training was great there and I had a great time, but If I am ever In Bangkok Jittis is the first place I will go to see him.


Do you have a message for Boom?

Andy: I’m not one for sending messages to my opponents, and as everyone could see from the first fight me and Boom have a great deal of respect for one another, I don’t need to say anything to him. We both know that we will be training hard for the fight and we both want the win. I wish him all the very best in his training camp and look forward to smacking each other’s faces in again .


Anything you would like to add?

Andy: I would just like to personally thank Yogi for making this rematch happen for me, it’s been talked about for over 2 years now and nobody has been able to make it happen, Yogi has stepped up and really pulled it off. And all I can say is you don’t want to miss this people, it wasn’t fight of the year for nothing!! Make sure you’re there 25th April at The Al Miraj Banqueting Suite in Birmingham, I have tickets so get in touch with me asap, I can promise you all fireworks and another fight of the year.


Any one you would like to thank?

Andy: There’s lots of people I need to thank, first of all is Richard Smith and his wife Lisa and everyone at Bad Company Gym in Leeds (past and present) for everything they have done for me over the years, I wouldn’t be where I am today without his guidance and support. My mum and dad Pat and Graham Howson who have always supported my dreams of been a fighter and not only supported me mentally and physically but financially when times have got hard, truly would’ve been nothing without them. My gf Kirstie for on going support and not dumping my arse when I’m dieting and a moody sod.

And a massive thank you to all my sponsors Sok Sai Gear looking after me and always having me in the best equipment Sok Sai have helped me out in a huge way the past year or so with there sponsorship.

GSN ( who supply me with all my meals and food for my diet/training camps amazing products which make it all so much easier,

Gambaru Fightwear ( who make all my walk out T’s and keep me looking good.

And my newest sponsor Bulk Powders ( who are helping me with all my supplements for this fight, it’s great to have them on board.

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