Interview with Christian Tran

Tell me a bit about your background and how you got into Muay Thai

I was always a martial artist with brown belt in Okinawan Karate and also experienced in Traditional Kung fu. I was successful in the Karate/Kung Fu tournaments and thought I knew how to fight. Around my late teens I started experimenting with Boxing on my own after getting my nose broken by a young amateur boxer with a solid Jab despite all my martial arts training. I began to doubt traditional martial arts and how it was taught. That’s when I found Muay Thai after seeing some British Boys destroy some American Kickboxers with mostly leg kicks and that was it. I sought out Thai Boxing schools but in the late 90’s, there were very few. I finally found one but they also taught many other arts that I wasn’t interested in.


Who have you trained under?

After learning from A few different instructors like Rick Tucci, Jeff Jones, Kru Phil Nurse, Coban I started fighting on whatever shows available at that time.

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What titles and awards have you won?

I won a few USKBA tournament titles and fought as much as I could until around 2009.


When did you start teaching and how was your gym started?

I’ve been training and teaching fighters since 2002 after establishing Weapons 9 with a few friends Joe Pellegrino, Derek Riddick and James Smith. Now Joe Pellegrino and I run Weapons 9 Gym. We have been able to maintain a good curriculum and always learning as much as we can about True Tuay Thai.

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How has Muay Thai changed in the USA since you first started training and teaching?

A tremendous amount of change, we now have many shows that fighters can keep busy and develop their skills. Mostly amateurs. Pros can’t stay as busy but it is growing. When I started it was very difficult to get fights and regulation and sanctioning was questionable most of the time.


What are you future plans with the gym?

I hope to continue to train fighters for as long as I can. My proudest moments are many, with a stable of new and experienced fighters who are very loyal and train hard and never back down from a tough opponent.

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How did your promotion start?

Warriors Cup Promotion was started in 2005 by myself and Joe Pellegrino. We have now put together 24 shows with our rep as a show that was the first to have Full rules Muay Thai here, but we are also the first to have WBC Muay Thai sanction our events exclusively.












Your promotion has become big in the USA, who has fought on your show?

We have had many top fighters on our show namely Liam Harrison, Justin Greskiewicz, Gabriel Varga, Ognjen Topic, Rami Ibrahim, Boom Wathanaya, Brett Hlavacek, Marcus Fisher, Mark Deluca, Tony Manahoran, Eddie Martinez, Deividas Danyla, John Nofer just to name a few.

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Where would you like to see Muay Thai progress to in the future?

Here in the States I hope to see the sport get to where it is overseas. Where our pros can compete with the World class fighters in Britain, Thailand, Japan, Australia. We have a few that are on that level now but we are still catching up in my opinion.


How do you feel about the grass roots in place for Muay Thai in USA?

Grass root is where it started and that helped to develop into a pretty strong Muay Thai community now. It’s a good thing.


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