Interview with Corey Mclachlan (fighting for SFP World Title)

Corey Mclachlan World Muay Thai ChampionCorey Mclachlan is only 13 years old but has already racked up 66 fights to his name taking 17 titles along the way, with 1 world title, 4 European titles, 1 commonwealth title, 7 British titles, 9 Scotish titles and a few others to add to that.

Training out of Griphouse in Glasgow under his father Keith Mclachlan he is set to become a household name when he comes of age.

Corey success comes from constant dedicated to the sport, training everyday after school for 2-3 hours.

Corey is set to fight Rahman Muhammad for the SFP World Title on Siam


We got a short interview with Corey.


Mclachlan Champion Family

Corey, Keith and Reece Mclachlan

How did you start training?

I can’t remember lol. I’ve always just trained because my dad did


Do you have a diet?

Haha no, I diet for about 3 days by just cutting out bread and cakes


What would you like to say to everyone who donated to your flights to America fund?

I’d like to thank everyone who has donated on the site and privately, it really means a lot to me


How does it feel to be invited to fight on such a big show?

Amazing, I’m very flattered to be considered good enough


What do you know about your opponent?

He is an aggressive boxer and elbower

You are ranked number 1 at -38kg, how does that feel?

It makes me very proud to get some recognition for my efforts and hard work

Number 1 Ranked Mclachlan Family

UK Ranked Number 1 family


Keith Mclachlan training Corey Mclachlan

Corey on Pads with Keith Mclachlan





Who else would you like to fight?

Anyone at my weight and around my age.


What is your favourite technique?

My Knees.


Who inspires you to fight?

I love to watch Pakorn and Sudsakorn


What does the future hold for you?

Right now I am looking to improve and fight the best. I’m also trying out some mma


What are you dreams for the future?

I’d like to fight in Thailand in the stadiums and travel the world to fight

Corey Mclachlan vs Rahman Muhammad

Corey Mclachlan vs Rahman Muhammad

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