Fairtex ‘Perfect Twis-Ter’ Red Shin Guards – SP7




Fairtex ‘Perfect Twis-Ter’ Shin Guards – SP7

  • Detachable toe and shin protector, easily adjust to fit different length of shins and for multi purpose use through hook and loop joint.
  • Shin and toe protector can be twisted left and right up to 90 degrees for a more natural movement.
  • Toe protector can be moved up and down 90 degree as well.
  • Make your movement so natural and suitable for a variety of martial arts.
  • Reinforced padding on the front of the toe.
  • Enlarged side protection.
  • No metal loop, fit for competition.
  • Special padded straps in the same way like famous Fairtex Curved Kick Pads for maximum comfort.