Fairtex Vinyl Sweat Suit – VS2




Fairtex Vinyl Sweat Suit

  • Sweat (weight loss) suits made from heavy duty vinyl.
  • Sauna suits are used for weight loss and conditioning by professional athletes, amateur athletes and enthusiasts. Like with saunas, it is critical to be careful in order not to become dehydrated. Remember your body is burning calories when you wear a sauna suit, so you can drink water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Enhance your workout by wearing the sweat suit that makes you sweat! This generously sized suit is specifically designed to increase your body’s perspiration. It also helps to keep your muscle groups warm and relaxed which can, of course, help to prevent the likelihood of pulling a muscle.
  • The most common uses for the sweat suit include walking, jogging and jumping rope.
  • Suit should be hand washed and hung to dry.