Custom Cornerman Jacket


Step 1: Find a Design You Like

Find a design you like, check the images below to see if you like any of our previous designs.

If you want something that isn’t pictured, not a problem please send us an email and we will accommodate you.

Step 2: Create Your Cornerman Jacket

Download our template and design your Cornerman Jacket

Choose your materials, colours, font ( and logos.

You can use your personal gym logos or search for something online. We can accommodate almost anything!!

Step 3: Start Your Order

Email your custom order form to and we will provide you with a quote. After your invoice has been paid we will begin production (3 to 6 weeks to make).


  1. Your name / someone else's name
  2. Your Logo / Gym logo
  3. A slogan
  4. Flags (Home country or another country you like)
  5. Fonts (Add several different font styles or just one)
  6. Thai writing (Your name in Thai language or a Thai word
  7. Tribal, Lai Tai or any other patterns
  8. Date of birth, numbers or any other personality characteristics

Choose From One of Our Previous Designs

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